Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Things That Make Us Smile

This beautiful young woman is Djeneba. She is engaging and ambitious! Recently she walked up to our house with her handmade baskets hoping to make a sale. We were truly impressed and bought some of each size.After talking with her,we learned that she has two young children. She works in her fields to grow corn and other food to feed her family. When that work is done for the day, she goes home and makes baskets.She invited us to her house to see her at work crafting her baskets. We were truly impressed. She and another woman in her family gather the fronds from local coconut trees and skillfully produce these beautiful baskets. We would love to see her succeed in her small business.

Caterpillars anyone?

For a certain period during the rainy season, these large chenille caterpillars can be found in abundance in our area.In the early hours before dawn,woman and children can be seen flashlight in one hand and container in another,happily collecting caterpillars. It is considered a delicacy. 
I think it is an acquired taste !

Friday, July 6, 2018

It's The Little Things

It's the little things we tend to take for granted that mean so much to our Burkinabé friends.Just this morning we were able to make a little girl's day by giving her a beautiful T-shirt dress. She was so proud to model it for us.

Thanks so much Margaret Cox
and Meremac Bluffs Senior Living Community for making this possible.

We couldn't imagine a classroom with no books but here children are excited to have a textbook.Most village schools either have no books or a single book must be shared by three or more students. When a friend found a contact in France who was ready and willing to mail French textbooks and novels to our school, students were thrilled. For the first time a classroom library will be available to our middle school students. Thank you Dawn Malcolm !

Sadly upon our return we learned that two widows in our sponsorship program have died. Malaria is the suspected cause of death.  One widow who died cared for her grandson since his birth.We were able to give Siaaka a photo of his grandmother who meant so much to him.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sweet Sunday

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon? You travel to a remote village and fill your heart with admiration for a woman who has a heart as big as the sun! In this tiny courtyard this mama cares for about fifteen children who have no place to go. You only have to be there a few minutes to realize this is a foster home where the children are truly loved.

Add capEnjoying a little bon bon
Patty, your gifts of clothes brought great joy to these children.

George and Barb, some happy children will be sporting new shirts and shorts because you cared.

Ruth and Mama

A girl and her doll

Wheelbarrow bath

Whenever we visit we are so warmly welcomed.
New dresses
Thank you Charlotte for the beautiful t-shirt dresses.You made these two girls very happy.

We always come away with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts after a visit to this home.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November In The Village

Morning coffee and village bread
Bananas for sale
November in the village and so much for which to be thankful.
Each morning we begin the day with gratitude for the privilege to live in our wonderful African village.
It was such a treat when a friend arrived with warm homemade bread fresh from his brick oven. Right on his  heels came a young girl selling bananas.

Minutes later I had the gift of attending the birth of a baby girl

It's a girl ! 
Only minutes old!
In this remote area it is essential for pastors to have a motorcycle in order to minister to the needs of his congregation and take part in conferences and other necessary daily tasks. Yet for years Pastor Ibrahim carried on his ministry with only a bicycle for transportation. Recently his prayers were answered when he was blessed with the gift of a new moto. We kept the good news a surprise until we pulled up to the store to purchase the moto. His response was, "Alleluia " !

Thursday, October 19, 2017

School Days

What great fun it was to see the smiles of appreciation on the faces of our sponsored children in seven different villages. The generosity of our sponsors has sent over 150 children to school from first grade to university.  School fees were paid, books and school supplies purchased and backpacks distributed.

Off to 1 st grade

Families received soap and a 100lb. sack of rice. Over and over we have heard how the harvest this year was so poor due to inadequate rainfall. This generous gift will help feed families in the coming weeks.

Love that backpack !

Children here are so eager to go to school !

Happiness is going to school !

The heartfelt gratitude of each child and family is in itself a gift in return!
Thanks for the opportunity to learn !

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Making a Difference

One of my greatest joys is seeing what sponsorship does for the children who are fortunate enough to have a sponsor.

Barka is a perfect example of how sponsorship changes lives. St Agnes Academy has been part of her life for over ten years.And what a difference that has made. She has grown from a sweet girl to a lovely young lady. Through the years she has worked hard in school always wanting her sponsor to be proud of her. She recently passed  a test similar to an entrance exam which allows her to advance to university level. She hopes to study medicine but many factors will determine the  direction her future takes.

Barka holding peanuts

Maybe you are considering sponsoring a child. I would love to have other children know the love and hope Barka has experienced.

I would love to have a sponsor !

Siesoma is looking for a sponsor. Please contact me at if you would like to impact her life. Or visit our website at Choose Child Sponsorship, Burkina Faso, and select Ruth and Linda to view the children in our area.

We are ever so grateful for the many dedicated sponsors from St. Agnes Parish and for all you do for me and our children here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How great is our God !

In the land of almost constant sunshine solar power is the way to go. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus in Dalton, MA,  our clinic now functions with greater ease during evening and night hours. How is it that most babies chose to enter the world in the wee hours of the night? Four new arrivals made their debut in the span of twelve hours. The nurses expressed sincere gratitude for the lighting that allowed them to do their work with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Weighing in right after birth.And we can read the scale thanks to solar power !

Flat tires are a way of life on theses rugged roads. 

Bystanders to the rescue!

Though we were expecting to purchase two new tires, we made the decision to purchase a whole new set. We were so happy to find a shop that sold quality tires with familiar brands.  It didn’t hurt that the owner served Lebanese coffee while we waited either. Now we travel with greater confidence.

Ready for new tires

Our hearts are ever filled with gratitude to the gifted quilters who share their talent with our newborns. The moms are just delighted with the hats, quilts, and outfits with share from you.

Baby gifts

We thank God for each of you who make our ministry here possible!

How great is our God !