Saturday, October 26, 2013

Convenience Is Key

Yesterday marked week three of my stay in Burkina Faso. Every day is a new experience . Things that were commonplace  and familiar now are strange and unusual. Nothing is taken for granted any more. One thing that is shared, however,is the local convenience store.

It may not look like 7 Eleven but many of the same products can be found under one roof. Need yogurt, water , powdered milk or eggs ? No problem! Eggs stacked five layers high can be found sitting on the counter waiting to be taken home and tested for freshness. Drop one in a bowl of water . If it sinks, it is safe to use.

 On the highway away from your local convenience store? That is not a problem either! Just flag down one of the many vendors walking down the side of the highway in the blazing sun.You don't even have to leave your car.

Craving peanuts to snack on while watching the World Series ? We have that too !

Convenience is key!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Land - New Home

My feet are now firmly planted on African soil (sand ). I have finally arrived in Burkina Faso. So in one sense my journey is complete. Yet in reality , the journey has only begun. The poverty surrounding me is clearly evident . The lack of material goods is astounding. However the Burkinabe people possess a wealth not attained through accumulation of goods but cultivated  in the depth  and  importance
placed on family and relationships. We have much to learn from these warm, welcoming people.

Friday October 4th  was the afternoon of arrival in Africa. The trip , though LONG, was happily uneventful.We made our way to Ruth's home here in Ouagadougou where we were pleased to relax, unpack and get settled over the weekend and where we will be spending the better part of the month of October. On Monday we took the 1 1/2 - 2 hr. trip to Sheltering Wings in Yako. It was wonderful to visit there again and be surrounded by the precious babies , children and volunteers. It was not long before the older children returned from school and I recognized the beautiful smile of Barkawende, one of our sponsored children.Her warm hug revealed that her heart was as joy-filled as mine at our reunion.It was not until the following day when I  saw a group of older boys and locked eyes with Alexis that we able to connect.  Smiles all around !

Monday morning found us on the road once more. This time to visit an orphanage to the north of Yako where three year old Victor lives. The  focus of our trip was to see Victor, obtain vaccination records and scope out lodging for ourselves and his adoptive parents who will be  arriving in BF on October 14.Much needs to be finalized in the short amount of time that remains before this newly formed family returns home to America  on October 24.

I have enjoyed the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables readily available in city markets and at roadside stands . Ruth and I have big plans for the pumpkin we purchased on our way back from Yako. We are thinking oatmeal-pumpkin muffins sound mighty delicious.

The weather is hot  (for me ) , the pace much slower and the need great. I miss my St. Agnes Academy  Family and loved ones back home but  rejoice that I have been called to walk beside Ruth in her ministry here in Burkina Faso. Even though I lie in bed at night listening to the clicking serenade of geckos who share our dwelling!