Monday, December 22, 2014

Busy With His Work

On the road again 
Waiting for our new truck to arrive in Ouagadougou seemed endless when all we really wanted to do was get back to the village and minister in our Kimini community. Hearts filled with gratitude for all our donors ,we were finally able to take the eight plus hour drive back "home" with confidence that our days of stopping every thirty minutes to fill the radiator were now mere memories. This year our Thanksgiving Day was spent in our new truck raising hearts of praise and gratitude to God for his faithfulness and abundant  blessings and for you, our generous friends and benefactors, for making this all possible.

Drissa and new trike
Grateful Widow
Happy Aboulaye

Excitement and anticipation of great things to come energized us to hit the ground running as we prepared for our December distribution to sponsored children and widows. What fun we had purchasing rice, school supplies, blankets, soap and little treats for the special children sponsored in Wangolo, Kangala, Niangoloko and Kimini. It gives us a sense of satisfaction to be able to buy most of these items from the market and little boutique in Kimini and thus support local businesses.

"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words." St Francis of Assisi

                                 And yet the  stark reality of the harshness of life in Burkina Faso is ever present. Some days the sting is felt  a little more intensely. While meeting with the director of the school and a nurse in Nonfesso , a mother with two small infants, one strapped to her back, the other carried in her arms,came walking by. It was clear  these babies were unusually tiny.We learned that they were almost six months old but  each weighed only about five pounds. Something had to be done if these babies were going to have a fighting chance. A few days later we were on the road to Bobo to the clinic for malnourished babies with the mother, twins and Jennaba, a young girl who will assist the mom in caring for the babies.Once more my heart was broken as I gazed on these babies. Holding Fatamata in my arms and seeing her smile as I spoke to her grabbed my heart in a profound way. How many little Fatamatas and Adamas are out there only one illness away from death ? As time goes on ,we are becoming more aware of the need to establish an emergency medical fund  to allow us to respond when the need arises.

Jennaba holding Adama and Fatamata
Through the good works we are able to do in His name, we bring the Gospel to His  people that they may come to know the love of God .