Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Preparing My Heart

So many emotions rise to the surface as I  leave St. Agnes Academy but the greatest of these is gratitude. In the words of Oscar Wilde," Memory is the diary that we all carry with us. I am part of all I have met."

My diary is filled with joyful experiences and memories of St. Agnes Academy. This is the place that has nurtured me for the past 42 years. Each time I traveled to Africa, and especially to Sheltering Wings Orphanage, I left a little piece of my heart behind. As I begin the next phase of my ministry and leave St. Agnes Academy, I will leave a HUGE  piece of my heart there. Though I may not be physically present, emotionally I will never be far away.

Thank you for all the ways you have allowed me to grow. Thank you for the encouragement and support I have received and the friendships I have formed. Thank you for your generosity in making my dream to minister in Africa a reality.

Please pray for me as I embark on this challenging and exciting journey and know you will be always in my prayers.