Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back in Burkina

Well, today marks one month that I have been back in my Burkina home. It feels great to be back in the  sunshine again. Looking around me at the brilliant sun and palm trees blowing in the gentle breeze, it is difficult to recall the snow and freezing temperatures of Massachusetts.

We have been busy since our arrival in Africa.
Healthy twins.
Three times the love !
First order of business was to pick up healthy twins and their mama at the center for malnourished babies in Bobo. I never tire of hearing the "cooing" of contented babies replace the pitiful cries of babies on the edge. These little miracles doubled their weight in the nine weeks they spent there. The smile on their mother's face was thanks enough for us but not for her. Three times she walked the five kilometers from Nonfesso to Kimini to express her gratitude. The third time she brought a very welcome gift of fresh eggs.

We were asked to help a family struggling to feed their three month old triplets in Tondoura, another nearby village. We were more than happy to help by providing formula to supplement their nutrition. Most villages do have access to clean water and mothers are always instructed on the importance of using clean water and sanitizing baby bottles. Follow-up visits  to weigh the babies and talk with the family help to verify that these steps are being followed.
Cashew gatherers.

Every morning lately we have seen young girls walking by our house carrying long poles and pails. On their return trip through our courtyard they come laden with containers filled to overflowing with cashew nuts and fruit. It is amazing to see that each fruit bears a single nut. Children fill containers weighing 2 kilos and receive 150 cfas about 25 cents for each container. Where is the equity here?
Cashew fruit and nut.
Cashew nuts are so expensive to buy and so little trickles down to the harvester.

Thanks St.Agnes 4th Graders !
Mary, you put a big smile on Reine's face!
 Our work is filled with times of great joy! We delivered gifts to sponsored children. We brought  a goat to a family through the generosity of friends at home and gifted the Kimini school with flash cards made by the fourth-graders at St. Agnes Academy in Dalton,MA.
Thank you Sr. Maxyne!

Nonfesso has twenty five new children signed up for sponsorship. Now our goal is to connect these youngsters with people who can share their blessings and relieve the heavy burdens from the shoulders of God's little ones here in Burkina. I am so appreciative of those who have already opened their hearts and wonder if you might consider joining this family of friends and welcome a child into your heart. For $35 , about the cost of a couple lattes a week, or one meal out, you can change the life of a child in a positive and rewarding way.I have seen it happen over and over again.

We have many youngsters needing a sponsor. You may request a boy or a girl of a particular age. If you are touched to open your heart, Ruth and I would love to connect you with a child.Could we suggest Djeneba Tall from Nonfesso who would love to have a sponsor? Contact me or Ruth to learn more. Thank you in advance for sharing from your abundance.
Djeneba Tall

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to Me ." Mt.25:40