Sunday, May 10, 2015

All In A Day's Work

Returning to Kimini after almost a month in Ouagadougou was a source of joy. Village life has a completely different flavor.The first thing we saw as we approached our house was the fully functioning well just behind our house.
 Children were busily taking turns pumping and filling water containers for their families.

Children at pump

The village has decided to collect 10 franc for 20 liters of water (about one cent) to have in a reserve for future needed repairs. This certainly is affordable and displays their initiative to take responsibility.
Just 10 franc per 20 liters of water.

Every day, all day we hear the rhythmic sound of the pump and see smiling people carrying water to their homes.

Woman carrying basins of water 

These past two weeks have been B-U-S-Y ! I would have it no other way. Ruth and are have been hit the ground running each morning preparing distributions to our sponsored widows and children in Wangolo,Kangala,Nonfesso and Kimini.

Wangolo  boys with gift of rice
It is so rewarding to hand out these gifts of rice and other useful and fun items. I just wish that each sponsor could see firsthand what a difference they make in the in the life of their "special person".

Here is a bird's eye view of some of the highlights.

We traveled to Folonzo to visit baby Mariam who has gained a little weight.
Mariam's weigh in
The grateful family gifted us with a chicken.

A couple of months ago we made a small donation of $22 to the Kimini school to purchase  chalkboards, actually plywood with a coat of chalkboard paint, for small group activities. A visit to the school showed they are being put to good use.
Calculating costs

Math word problems

Everybody got involved.

There was a slight pause in the lesson while the teacher calmly killed a serpent in the back of the classroom.

How can I not love this place ?