Friday, December 18, 2015

Woman to Woman

Many of us would like to make a difference in our world. One woman has stepped forward and made her dream a reality by committing herself to improve the lives of woman in Burkina Faso,West Africa.
Meet Dawn Malcolm, an amazing, compassionate self-giving woman who tirelessly shares her time, talent and treasure with our ladies in Kimini.
Dawn teaching the ladies

Recently she spent time teaching the woman how to use the shea butter they produce to make both bar and liquid soap which they can sell in the market to earn money to help support themselves and their families.

Adding oils

I have not witnessed such pure joy and enthusiasm among the woman in a very long time!
Finished product

Ruth makes a purchase
Curious shoppers

Dawn, thanks for the hope you continue to bring to these sweet ladies.

" Whatever you did to least of my people, you did for me." Mt. 25:40