Sunday, August 10, 2014


Being in Africa is cause enough for me to rejoice but I don’t have to look too far to find other reasons to celebrate. The latest ones include spending time with Michael and Jennifer Cassidy. This was especially fun for me because Jenn and I had been teammates on a shoebox distribution for Operation Christmas Child in 2008. The impact of that trip is clear when you realize where it has lead. I am now living in Burkina Faso and Jenn and Michael are adopting a little boy from Ouagadougou.

Michael, Jennifer and Arnaud Cassidy

Arnaud is an amazing little man. He is sensitive, caring, curious, engaging and definitely a leader. Early on, his love for shoes, hats and phones was obvious. Riding in the car to numerous medical appointments, he could be heard whispering to himself as he took in all the new sights and sounds. Every time we passed vendors of shoes or hats he would tap us on the shoulder and point them out to us. Later we discovered that at the orphanage he was known as “Mr. Shoes”. He has loved sporting the new hats and shoes that are now part of his wardrobe. Some of his happiest times and bathing and eating!

It has been such a privilege to step back and observe the birth of a new family. Soon Arnaud will meet Jackson, his new brother. So many new experiences and opportunities await! Wishing this new family many blessings as they begin their journey together.
Walking the pathway to a new life.

I experienced my first African wedding. These people know how to celebrate! Dephine, a Sheltering Wings Alumna and graduate of  teacher training , is now a married woman. Following the civil ceremony, the couple exchanged vows in a religious ceremony filled with singing and lively dance.
Congratulations, Delphine and Paul !
Wedding Reception

August 9th, Ruth's birthday provided an opportunity to celebrate this amazing woman who has and continues to touch the lives of so many people.She truly " walks the walk"!
Happy Birthday, Ruth !
May your  light continue to shine brightly for many years to come!