Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day By Day

Where has the time gone? August has flown away and here it is mid September. Ruth and I have found many things to keep us busy in Kimini and beyond.

Ruth and I repainted the rusted out village sign. We drew many onlookers who voiced their approval and gratitude. Others asked when we were going to paint the signs to their villages. If our day job fails, we have a backup plan!
Welcome to Kimini !

Construction of the medical clinic in Kimini is moving forward though more slowly than we hoped. The rainy season has taken its toll on brick making. Strong rains often cause the handmade concrete bricks to be lost which has caused a little setback. The foundation can at last be prepared and iron supports put in place. Windows and doors have been purchased and ready for the day they can be installed.

Malnutrition is part of life here. Sometimes it is displayed in the underweight frame of an infant. Other times it masks itself in the bloated body of an infant with feet too swollen to walk and body too weak to stand. This was the case of 2 ½ year old Rasmata, the latest child to be transferred to the clinic for malnourished children in Bobo. Just escaping the need for hospitalization, she and her mother and baby sister remain at the clinic as she recovers and heals. Her mother is torn between remaining at the clinic and cultivating the family field in Kimini.  Life here is a difficult balancing act just to meet the basic needs of caring for a family.

Child sponsorship continues to reach many needy children in Kimini and surrounding villages. Pastor Zongo in Niangoloko has agreed to assist in facilitating the sponsorship program there. The school year commences here next month and he is busy securing places for children in appropriate classes for them.

We passed out hats sent by a generous friend from home. Word spread quickly and in moments all were gone. Now we see happy heads all over Kimini ! 
Thanks, Jeannette !

Bintou, a seven year girl from Kimini will have the opportunity to enroll in a special school in Bobo for hearing impaired children  thanks to the generosity of caring sponsors.

Ema, a five month old whose mother is not well mentally, lives with her grandmother who does her best to care for her but does not have the means to purchase needed formula. Once more a sponsor has come to the rescue.

Madiatta , our first sponsored widow in Kimini, received much needed supplies. We are working to connect additional needy widows with sponsors who can help.
Madiatta  and Ruth

All this took place in spite of numerous breakdowns on the road and delayed trips due to car repairs. We are counting the days until our new truck arrives and our work schedule is not dictated by transportation woes !

We are richly blessed. Daily, my heart overflows with gratitude and prayer  for all of you who truly make all these things possible.