Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sharing the Joy

These past few weeks have been very busy but also very rewarding. Ruth and I have had the great pleasure of meeting with our sponsored children in the villages of Kimini, Wangolo, Niangoloko
Twin brothers Lassane and Ousenni
  and Kangala. It has been wonderful to see their eyes light up as they receive backpacks filled with school supplies that you, their sponsors, have provided for them.

We also had the pleasure of visiting each of their schools and becoming better acquainted with the directors and teachers. Thanks to a generous donation from friends at home we were also able to gift each school with a new soccer ball and pump. Seeing the smiles this gift brought was such a blessing. Soccer is a favorite sport here.  Over and over again , we were told "this is no small gift"! 

Sr.Adele, teacher and happy students in Niangoloko


Every afternoon in Kimini, shepherd boys on their way home from a day tending herds of cattle, stop by our house requesting  to play with soccer balls we loan out daily. As darkness falls, the balls are returned by happy boys who at the end of a work day  have had a little time to just be children.

Our work with orphans and vulnerable children has afforded us the opportunity to meet some pretty impressive young people.  Two youngsters in particular demonstrate courage and determination in the face of physical challenges. Seydou and Drissa are both enrolled in school. The fact that they must traverse more than3km over rugged terrain to attend classes has taken its toll on their specially modified bicycles that now must be replaced.
Special Bicycle
Thanks to generous sponsors, we now have the funds to purchase two new bicycles to give these deserving students the independence and mobility to continue their education. 


Ruth and I continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity and support of so many friends and benefactors as we raise funds for our new truck. Only a few weeks remain before we back the new vehicle out of the shipping container and hit the road with confidence and security.Expressing our thanks just does not seem adequate. You are remembered in our daily prayers as we ask God to shower his blessings on each of you.

" I thank my God every time I think of you; and every time I pray for you all, I pray with joy."  1 Phil. 3-4