Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Renewing , Reconnecting and Returning

 Seven weeks ago I was eagerly awaiting my first trip back home after moving to Burkina Faso. I am now back in my Burkina Faso home. It is a strange feeling to be equally comfortable on two vastly different continents. What makes this so? People! Family and friends have been so welcoming and generous on many different levels. My thank you seems so inadequate when measured against the depth of kindness and generosity extended to me and our Kimini ministry.

Sharing smiles with Sr. Pat
Nothing can compare to Christmas at home with those you love.

Catching up with Sr. Maxyne

And what would a trip home be without spending time with my "St. Agnes Academy Family "? I was able to share my African experiences with the best students on the planet ( and yes, I am prejudiced) !
Busy hands are happy hands!
 Spending time with them and former colleagues brought great joy. I even  had the opportunity to help the fifth graders prepare for the upcoming fund raiser directed toward raising money for our new Kimini Milk Program.

Fifth Grade Helpers
Getting Ready

Attaching Labels
The children enthusiastically placed labels on baby bottles that will be filled with donations to help purchase baby formula  and cereal for malnourished and vulnerable babies. Ruth and I hope to be able to raise enough money to reach our goal of accepting ten babies into the program this year. 

My visit ended on a happy note. Doug Karrel, my niece,Cindy, and I were able to meet The Cassidy Family for lunch before bringing Cindy to the airport for her trip home to NC. It was such a delight seeing how happy and well adjusted Arnaud is and what a sweet family he has joined.
Together Again!
Cassidy Family Plus One 

 Tomorrow we will make the trip back to Kimini  and pick up where we left off before this delightful hiatus.
                                                                God is SO good !

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