Monday, April 27, 2015

Switching Gears

It is said that "variety is the spice of life". I can assure you that variety does add flavor to our lives in Burkina Faso. Ruth and I often comment that there are NO "typical" days here. And it is all good !

Our  work here is divided between our ministry in the village of Kimini and all that it entails and our work with adoptions which calls us out of the village and into Ouagadougou and beyond.

Before arriving in the city this time, we were blessed by wonderful visitors who spent time with us in Kimini  blessing us and our people in many diverse ways……

LIKE : Providing Henzetta, the president of the Kimini women's  shea butter association the opportunity to attend an international conference held in Ouagadougou where information on production and marketing techniques  were shared.                                                                            

Merci , Dawn
Dawn and Henzetta

AND : Finally getting a coat of paint  on our "Home Sweet Home". Thanks Joy and Shari!

A splash of Golden Brown # 743 !

ALSO: Helping bring an infant and her mom to the center for malnourished babies Bobo.

Shari and Mamina

Now after spending four weeks in Ouagadougou for the adoption side of our work, we will be heading back to Kimini this week.   And it IS all good !


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