Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bon Appetite !

Sometimes baking a cake Kimini-style takes a little tweaking of a recipe and a lot of creativity. Ruth had all it took to put the two together and satisfy our sweet tooth.

The steps go something like this :

First, eat a large can of sardines and save the can. This is very important. It becomes the cake pan.

Next, substitute missing ingredients for your banana cake and cross your fingers.

Fill the bottom of a small roasting pan with sand from outside your door.  Place an empty tomato paste can in the center of the sand.

After that, you are ready to add the cake to your Dutch oven. Cover and cook on low heat on your little camping-type gas stove. Don't leave the room ! Your cake will be done in no time ! Slice and enjoy!

Voila !


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  2. Linda isn't it amazing how creative we can be when it's necessary. How are you ever going to make ice cream?:)
    Awa is a personal reminder that God is with you both, providing for your needs.
    Ruthie K