Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas on Another Continent

   Distance can be measured in so many ways. We can think of the kilometers that separate us from home, family and friends and I have done that. It is 9,562.93 kilometers from the United States to Burkina Faso!

   It can be measured in the customs and traditions of Christmases past. Baking cookies wrapping presents,trimming a tree, setting up a nativity scene, sharing a festive meal, singing carols and worshipping all come to mind.

Rather than dwell on what separates me this year, I choose to focus on what binds us together. I hold my family and friends at home close to my heart as I draw together with my new family in Burkina Faso. Some customs can be recreated in a new ways, traditions can be born.

 Yet the one thing that  is constant is the reason for the celebration. Christ has come into the world.
No number of kilometers can separate us from that love.

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