Monday, March 31, 2014

All Work and No Play....

 "All work and no play....." Well, you know how it goes. So sometimes you just need to have  a little fun.
Still taking field trips !

 Recently, we had a chance to visit the "sacred crocodiles" at the lakeside Bazoule village. The people of the village have lived harmoniously with these incredibly strong and fearsome creatures for many generations. Tradition has it that at a time when the village was facing a severe drought the women would walk in excess of 40 km in search of water. One day as the women were walking past the lake filled with crocodiles, a woman attempted to fetch water close to the crocodiles. Amazingly, she succeeded without being attacked by the crocodiles. From that day on, the women were able to draw water at the nearby lake without incident. The villagers, in gratitude to the ferocious creatures, named them the "sacred crocodiles" because their peaceful  co-existence saved them from a drought and thus saved many lives.

And we were grateful no lives were lost on the day we visited !                                    
My, what big teeth you have !
WHY ???????       Just because I could !

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  1. OH MY!!!!!! :) God has big plans for you friend. Glad you weren't eaten alive!