Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coup D'Etat -Thumbnail Version

Burning Tire  Roadblock
It is difficult to summarize the events of this past week and even more difficult to describe the roller coaster ride of emotions they provoked.  Last Thursday September 17, the peace of this country was shaken by the overthrow of the transitional government by the RSP Military Guard led by Gen. Diendere.
Gen. Diendere

The interim President Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Jacouba Zida were held hostage at the presidential palace. Roads were blocked, businesses closed, curfews issued and land and air borders secured.

President Kafando
Yesterday after long negotiation, the transitional government lead by Michel Kafando has been reinstated. Diendere has accepted responsibility for his actions and has agreed to face the consequences and has stated regret for the loss of life and property.

Sweeping Streets 

As for now, word is that elections have been moved to
November 22.
The Burkinabe were out last night sweeping the streets and slowly things are returning to normal. You can sense the air of relief that the much greater tragedy was averted. 

Proud People of Burkina Faso
Through it all we remained safe in our quiet neighborhood far away from the events of the coup.

May God continue to hold the country of Burkina Faso in the palm of his hand through the transition and election period.

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