Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Trails

The red roads in out of the Kimini area leave much to be desired on a good day. The rainy season makes traveling them even more exciting. Yesterday we left for a short trip to Folonzo, a village just about 35 kl from Kimini. My memory of previous trips during the dry season included numerous deep ruts and rough terrain. Send in the rainy season and all that takes on new thrills. Roads get washed out, ruts fill with water and mud abounds. Driving through the small lakes makes for an adventurous ride! You never know just how deep those holes are. So you just buckle up and enjoy the ride. Six Flags has new competition in Burkina !
Always new reasons to appreciate our wonderful truck !

The trip was well worth the effort though. We met seven deserving children who would each love to have a sponsor to help keep them in school and care about them.

Seraphine Ouattara
Meet Seraphine Ouattara. She is an impressive petite15 year old girl. Her father passed away when she was just two years old. She lives in the village of Folonzo with her mother, older brother and two younger siblings. During the school year she attends a Catholic boarding school in Mangodora where she will be in the eighth grade this year (2015-2016).She is a good student and hopes to become a math professor some day. 

You can be the one to make her dream come true. It is possible for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee. I would be happy to explain the simple steps of sponsorship to you if you feel you can help. 

Before leaving Folonzo Pastor Ibrahim brought us to meet the village chief and explain the purpose of our visit.He was very grateful and graciously welcomed us back.
Pastor Ibrahim, Folonzo Chief and Ruth

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