Monday, May 1, 2017

Aways Something To Make Me Smile

No two days here are the same and that is something I love about life here. You never know what lies ahead but it is never dull.

The secondary school teachers and students in a neighboring village were very excited to receive supplemental textbooks from a benefactor in France. Thank you Dawn for making this happen!

So happy to receive books

I will never grow tired of seeing the beautiful babies born in our nearby maternity. What a blessing this facility has been to the village. We love living so close to the maternity. It provides an opportunity to visit the mamas and bring gifts to celebrate their new addition. Thanks so much to all who send blankets and baby clothing.

Precious newborn

  Our milk program continues to provide supplemental nourishment for at risk babies. Babies continually graduate from the program and are quickly replaced by others in need.

New addition to our milk program

This widow cannot see and is not mobile due to an accident years ago. Members of her extended family care her for. She just wanted to dance and sing when she received her gifts from the widow sponsorship program. More widows are available if you would like to help. The donation is $20 a month.

Such a grateful widow!

 We traveled to various orphanages to visit children who are waiting for their "forever families". I must admit that I wanted to take them all home with me.

O. is always smiling

R. is still waiting 

Sweet and gentle S.

 If you have been thinking/praying about international adoption,
please contact us so we can begin to talk. Ruth   -
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