Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How great is our God !

In the land of almost constant sunshine solar power is the way to go. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus in Dalton, MA,  our clinic now functions with greater ease during evening and night hours. How is it that most babies chose to enter the world in the wee hours of the night? Four new arrivals made their debut in the span of twelve hours. The nurses expressed sincere gratitude for the lighting that allowed them to do their work with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Weighing in right after birth.And we can read the scale thanks to solar power !

Flat tires are a way of life on theses rugged roads. 

Bystanders to the rescue!

Though we were expecting to purchase two new tires, we made the decision to purchase a whole new set. We were so happy to find a shop that sold quality tires with familiar brands.  It didn’t hurt that the owner served Lebanese coffee while we waited either. Now we travel with greater confidence.

Ready for new tires

Our hearts are ever filled with gratitude to the gifted quilters who share their talent with our newborns. The moms are just delighted with the hats, quilts, and outfits with share from you.

Baby gifts

We thank God for each of you who make our ministry here possible!

How great is our God !

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